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Cruise Ship Turn Into Escape Mission

A cruise traveling in the Caribbean turned into an escape mission. Cruise Line of Norwegian docked the boat in Miami and cut the trip short.

The passengers could not leave the city, therefore, now they are on the boat again sailing away from the storm.

Jake Zwerdlinger, a native of Coloradan, is a one of the passengers on the ship. Family of Zwerdlinger runs a plumbing business there. Zwerdlinger planned a vacation with his friends to see the tropical climates, but then the weather took a turn.

Zwerdlinger said “I am accustomed to blizzards, though not with hurricanes. I cannot move out of the way of a hurricane.”

However, that is what the cruise liner is going to do: move out of the way.

Zwerdlinger said, we were completely unaware where we are heading, and the ship used to charge for the 15 free minutes of Wi-Fi service it used to provide to the passengers. Zwerdlinger says he spent nearly $125 to get in touch with his family over the internet.

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NZ Team In Bermuda Practices

The Bermuda waters see team New Zealand make considerable progress last weekend.

They had a winning start and the team was pleased with the kind of conditions they had for sailing. The team has been in Auckland for a long time and they were indulging in mock match races till now. Hence, after a long time they were able to get some real racing done in Bermuda.

The crew captained by Glenn Ashby was impressed with the performance they did on water, which helped them get two wins along with the matchups they had done previously. This has definitely boosted their confidence over Artemis, who set the pace of the races in the early rounds when official practices commenced. The Emirates team of New Zealand put in their appearance in the final day when the fourth practice round was scheduled. This was a week after they had launched their catamaran of the America’s Cup class in the waters of Bermuda. The team made their presence felt and they dealt with the Swedish team admirably.

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Plas Heli Wins Welsh Award

Plas Heli the Welsh National Sailing Academy and event center received the glorious award for its outstanding work. Plas Heli was in stiff competition with others in nomination, but it successfully beats off the competitors and emerged as winner, now it will go to the next level, it will represent Wales at the award ceremony of UK-wide RTPI Planning.

The RTPI Panel judges the nominee felt that the Plas Heli has got a number of crucial advantages like for the local context, it has provided a building that is well-designed and it perfectly solve the purpose, it has strengthened the town center link. Moreover, it has created strong links the local economy, community. It has also established the supply chain between the education sector and sailing.

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Zim Sailing Stronghold In US

Sailing depends on supplies for the sailors and vessels which need to be reliable. That is where Zim Sailing comes in which focuses on supplying small boats with the equipment they need. Recently there was an interview given by Bob Adams, the VP of Zim Sailing who provided an update about the demands that the company sees at present for their products.

As for the company name, ZIM stands for Zou Inter Marine. Steve Perry had partnered with the manufacturer in 2008 when the business was started. The short form of the name was popular and most customers received it well. The company however got listed last when it came in the Notice of Race that was put up for charters. Initially the company formed as a distributor, but today it has moved into manufacturing as well.

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Scott And Ainslie In Spotlight

Those who are part of the sailing races are well aware of how unpredictable the races can be. Like the shifts in the tide and weather conditions positions can change and the fate of the sailors is sealed. This is well known by the champions the most, such as Giles Scott. Scott might have already earned two medals in the Olympic games, but he ended up in the same Finn category, as did Sir Ben Ainslie which meant that he was made to watch the sailing races in the prior two Olympics from the shore.

Since the 2012 he has proven to be unbeatable. He has shown that he can persevere and this time he has made his Olympic debut at the age of 29. He has been meticulous in his preparations. He also spent time with the American Cup team of Ainslie in order to hone his racing instincts with his formidable competitor, as well as spending some months doing Bareboat Charter in Dubrovnik. He has been compared to Ainslie often as his form seems to be similar to the latter. Though he has a laid-back attitude off the waters, he is fierce and competitive once he is rowing.

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Horizon becomes victorious at the 2016 Vallarta Race

John Schulze’s Horizon won the thirty-second running of Vallarta Race, a 1000 nautical mile race course from San Diego, United States to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

Ending yesterday, their lapsed time of four days, thirteen hours, fifty-two minutes, nineteen seconds earned them Division Three as well as the overall title. Second overall was Division Two winner Roy Disney’s Pyewacket (Andrews 70) along with Dave MacEwan’s Lucky Duck (SC52) ending 2nd in Division Three and 3rd Overall.
This year’s edition of Vallarta Race was a story of two sea races. As sailors went to the Marina Vallarta dock, their tales were told with similar stress on the contrast between the 2 halves. A break away from San Diego to Cabo like no other, and then trying to avoid the holes as well as minimize the light air which most boats came across in the Sea of Cortez crossing.
When this could be the almost-regular condition to be anticipated on any Vallarta Race, the extremes that were seen in the year 2016 were really unique. Boats such as Gordon Leon’s Farr 40 Flyer reached twenty-two knots and were rolling and rocking on the first half, while the trimaran Mighty Merloe fell victim to the breeze shutdown on the 2nd half approach to the end, floating along at 2 to 3 knots at times.

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University Sailing Sustainability Challenge

University sailing clubs from throughout the United Kingdom are participating in the very first University Sailing Sustainability Challenge, established by The Green Blue – a joint environment program created by Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. This challenge would now see the university clubs competing to undertake a series of sustainable actions across the academic year in order to get prizes and show to the rest of the boating community how manageable sustainable boating could be.

Sustainable activities include: assuring their sailing places have a Spill Kit available to tidy up any incidental splatters when boaters are dealing with oil and fuel, making sure that members use re-usable water bottles during the training sessions and events to reduce waste, and making sure their trailers, boats and equipment are properly cleaned, dried and checked to minimize the spread of get rid of invasive non-native species around United Kingdom waters, as well as when they are off on Bareboat Yacht Charter in Greece.

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