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Plas Heli Wins Welsh Award

Plas Heli the Welsh National Sailing Academy and event center received the glorious award for its outstanding work. Plas Heli was in stiff competition with others in nomination, but it successfully beats off the competitors and emerged as winner, now it will go to the next level, it will represent Wales at the award ceremony of UK-wide RTPI Planning.

The RTPI Panel judges the nominee felt that the Plas Heli has got a number of crucial advantages like for the local context, it has provided a building that is well-designed and it perfectly solve the purpose, it has strengthened the town center link. Moreover, it has created strong links the local economy, community. It has also established the supply chain between the education sector and sailing.

Cabinet member for community and economy of Gwynedd Council, Cllr Mandy Williams-Davies, said: “It is delightful news that the Plas Heli sailing academy and event center has received the award of Wales planning award.” He further added that “Plas Heli has water around it and it has been acknowledged as world-class for many years. But, on-land facility near it was not up to the mark. Council too had identified this some time back. Plas Heli filled that gap and made the overall destination world class.”

Stephen Tudor Chairman of Plas Heli also shared his thought on occasion and said, “Recognition at national level is motivating for us. All the council members are feeling proud after receiving this respectful RTPI all-Wales award. We are looking forward to receive UK-Wide award.”

“Plas Heli has done the hard work in lifting this institution and connective with locals of the area. Award like this motivates the workers to do something extraordinary. Plas Heli will always look forward to make it better than what it is at present. We are also receiving all types of support from council to complete our mission” he added.