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Scott And Ainslie In Spotlight

Those who are part of the sailing races are well aware of how unpredictable the races can be. Like the shifts in the tide and weather conditions positions can change and the fate of the sailors is sealed. This is well known by the champions the most, such as Giles Scott. Scott might have already earned two medals in the Olympic games, but he ended up in the same Finn category, as did Sir Ben Ainslie which meant that he was made to watch the sailing races in the prior two Olympics from the shore.

Since the 2012 he has proven to be unbeatable. He has shown that he can persevere and this time he has made his Olympic debut at the age of 29. He has been meticulous in his preparations. He also spent time with the American Cup team of Ainslie in order to hone his racing instincts with his formidable competitor, as well as spending some months doing Bareboat Charter in Dubrovnik. He has been compared to Ainslie often as his form seems to be similar to the latter. Though he has a laid-back attitude off the waters, he is fierce and competitive once he is rowing.

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