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Tag: Sustainability

University Sailing Sustainability Challenge

University sailing clubs from throughout the United Kingdom are participating in the very first University Sailing Sustainability Challenge, established by The Green Blue – a joint environment program created by Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. This challenge would now see the university clubs competing to undertake a series of sustainable actions across the academic year in order to get prizes and show to the rest of the boating community how manageable sustainable boating could be.

Sustainable activities include: assuring their sailing places have a Spill Kit available to tidy up any incidental splatters when boaters are dealing with oil and fuel, making sure that members use re-usable water bottles during the training sessions and events to reduce waste, and making sure their trailers, boats and equipment are properly cleaned, dried and checked to minimize the spread of get rid of invasive non-native species around United Kingdom waters, as well as when they are off on Bareboat Yacht Charter in Greece.

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