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Zim Sailing Stronghold In US

Sailing depends on supplies for the sailors and vessels which need to be reliable. That is where Zim Sailing comes in which focuses on supplying small boats with the equipment they need. Recently there was an interview given by Bob Adams, the VP of Zim Sailing who provided an update about the demands that the company sees at present for their products.

As for the company name, ZIM stands for Zou Inter Marine. Steve Perry had partnered with the manufacturer in 2008 when the business was started. The short form of the name was popular and most customers received it well. The company however got listed last when it came in the Notice of Race that was put up for charters. Initially the company formed as a distributor, but today it has moved into manufacturing as well.

The main products they tool and manufacture are tools like Zim 15, Megabyte, Byte CII, CFJ and others, such as those used by Scottish Yacht Charter. The bulk is mainly manufactured by Zou in China, which comprises of C420s. The company has distributorship for Hartley Boats as well as the 29er. They distribute for the east coast where they supply mainly to RS Sailing. Most of the equipment comes from England.

Hence, the company works globally and they have partnered with several reliable companies across the world. The main focus lies in staying communicative with the partners. Also about four to six weeks are spent in traveling to the different factory destinations in order to ensure that quality items are being produced.

The current facility of 24000 square feet is located in Warren which includes manufacturing, warehousing, retailing and offices for the company. For the college and youth boats of the C420s or CFJs the company has become a sole supplier in US. They surely hope to see the trend continue and expand in the future.